JG painting in Gregs Hut

John Gregory

“Greg” (1928 – 1968)

John Gregory was an active member of the Birmingham Athletics Institute Climbing Club and Ski Club - founded by people who had attended a Climbing course at the Birmingham Athletic Institute during the late 1950s. The club eventually became The Mercian Climbing Club.

( For more information see this link : -http://www.mercianmc.org.uk/welcome/history/ )

The Club owned a series of climbing huts in North Wales and for a year or two John was the Hut Warden. It is unfortunate that at this distance after his death, so many of his associates, climbing, caving and skiing companions have also died; they include George Potter about 20 years ago, Ann Potter about 15 years gone, Roger and Pam Hobman, Shirley Harrison, Norman Wright, Stan Powell, Jack Goff and Keith Faulkner in more recent years - all colleagues and active workers and officers in Greg’s Hut Association. Many of were Teachers or Engineers engaged in other jobs including scaffolding and motor mechanics.

John was a bachelor, living with his Mother in Cradley Heath and working as a Main Drainage Officer for Smethwick Council. He had a ready, somewhat sardonic, wit. He was a typical single bloke in his thirties, out in the hills every weekend.

John was a member of a club party that skied across the Iceland Icecap but had to leave their skis behind with the outbreak of the first Cod War and only got them back several months later.

In 1968 John was with a group of Mercian CC members climbing in the Alps. He fell, and lost his life in a tragic accident.